"Winners and Losers: The Distributional Effects of the French Feebate on the Automobile Market" 

Updated version, November 2020. R&R Economic Journal




"Structural Model of Product Line Pricing"

(with Andras Niedermayer)


"Parallel Imports in the Automobile Market"

(with Gregor Pfeifer and Mathias Reynaert)

"Welfare Effects of Transportation Policies"

(with Nicolás Martinez)



"Automobile Prices in Market Equilibrium with Unobserved Price Discrimination" 

(with Xavier D'Haultfoeuille and Philippe Février)

The Review of Economic Studies, October 2019

[Paper]​    [Supplement]

"To Rebate or not to Rebate: Fuel Economy Standards vs. Feebates"

(with Mario Samano)

Economic Journal, December 2018


"Disentangling Sources of Vehicle Emissions Reduction in France: 2003-2008" 

(with Xavier D'Haultfoeuille and Philippe Février)

International Journal of Industrial Organization, May 2016


"Le coût du Bonus/Malus Écologique: Que Pouvait-on prédire?" 

(with Xavier D'Haultfoeuille and Philippe Février) 

La Revue Economique, Mai 2011


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